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Zem Co., Ltd. -- Company Profile



Zem Group Co., Ltd ., is a pioneer company in the Medical engineering, Electronics, Optics, Air conditioning,   Ventilation, Refrigeration, Water Purification, Ovens and Washing machines.

Zem Group Co., Ltd. has been founded in 1986.Zem Group has several branches in Germany [Dusseldorf] ,   U.S.A [Boston,-Massachusetts] ,China [Shenzhen ]  and recently opened a new branch in Bulgaria.

Zem Group employs 65 people to take care and handle customer services in Europe, U.S.A ,India and over 20 countries.

Zem Group is involved in R&D, production, import, export and marketing world wide.

Zem Products have successfully passed a very harsh quality assurance tests before market distribution.

Our products withstand the highest quality and standards.

Currently Zem Group represents more than 30 Global companies.


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